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Titanic: Websites about the Titanic

Information about the Titanic.

Passengers from the Titanic on the Carpathia

 Two survivors of Titanic


From Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA


Primary Resources

Primary Resources are contemporary information (whether written, spoken or otherwise) created at the time of an event, time period, person or thing.  What is considered a "primary source" depends on the subject you are researching.  Below are some ideas of resources that might be considered for research on the Titanic.

Newspaper and Magazine Articles - These may be searched about the ship, people involved or events surrounding the Titanic and her disaster (see the Timeline tab for names, dates and events involved in the disaster):

Diaries and First Person Accounts - You can search for the diaries, journals, and transcripts of interviews with people who would be involved with the Titanic (see  ) or who were living at the time (for a general societal view of the incident; Such as the Prime Ministers of England: Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, and Arthur Balfour or US President ,  Theodore Roosevelt) or surviving passengers of the ship (such as Archibald Gracie, Walter Lord, Elizabeth "Millvina" Gladys Dean, Violet Jessop,  Margaret Tobin Brown or Ellen Bird).  There have been many collections of interviews with surviviers also.  Letters, diaries and journals of these people may also have information on the Titanic.

A source that contains different formats of information is the Library of Congress.