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Lancaster Art Gallery: Second & Multi Grade

Elements of Art

The Elements of Art are the ingredients to make art.  








2nd & Multi-Grade

State Standards, Competency & Learning Targets

Carp Kites

Second & Multi-Grade

Japanese Carp Kites

Pointillism Butterflies

Second & Multi-Grade

Pointillism Butterflies  

Pointillism is artwork colored with dots only!  If you look at pointillism pictures far away the dots are harder to see because our eyes naturally blend them together.  The closer you get the easier the dots are to see.  This type of artwork can take a long time to create.  George Seurat, a very famous pointillism artist even took more than 2 years to complete his most famous pointillism artwork!


Cave Art

Second & Multi Grade

Cave Art!

Art has been around since the time of cavemen and women some 17,000 years ago!!  Second and Multi-grade students used an exciting website that took them deep inside the Caves of Lascaux, France where they explored the many great artworks on the walls and ceilings.  After exploring and discussing the caves they got the try making their own cave drawings using oil pastels and regular pastels.  

Come join us at open house and see how amazing the cave art will look when it is made into a realistic cave!!!  We hope to see you there.

Drawing in a darkened hallway to simulate the feeling of a cave!

Adding color with messy chalk pastels.


Winter Landscapes

We used many elements of art to create these seasonal artworks.  Students began by creating textured green, blue and brown paper.  Next we learned about a value scale (the light to dark of a color) and mixing paint so we could paint the ground.  Finally we learned the artist trick to create the illusion of space in an artwork.  Objects in the foreground (front) are BIG and down low on the paper.  Objects in the background are small and up higher on the paper. We then put it all together to create these beautiful landscapes.  We even added a little snow glitter to make them really shine! 




2nd & Multi-Grade Fall Lessons