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Lancaster Art Gallery: First Grade

Elements of Art

The Elements of Art are the ingredients to make art.  








1st Grade

State Standards, Competency & Learning Targets

Farm Landscapes & Gnomes

First Grade

Farm Landscapes & Gnomes. Two seperate projects, both fun!

Farm Landscapes-  Students learned about Foreground, Middleground and Background and painted each section.   They cut each section like a puzzle and then glued them together to make a semi-abstract (sort of real) farm landscape.  More pictures to come! 

More to Come!

Gnomes!  Team 2 created these fun, whimsical gnomes.  Students mixed paint to create the evening sky, drew and painted their own gnomes and mushrooms and then glued it all together.


Spring Still Life Flowers

First Grade - Spring Still Life Flowers

Spring is here! To celebrate first graders painted these beautiful still life pictures.  We began our project by comparing and contrasting many wonderful still life pictures.  To start our own picture student folded a piece of paper in half and drew a large "S" on one half and then cut it out creating a nice symmetrical vase.  Next students painted all different flowers in their vase using bright colors and their imagination.  After their wet artwork had dried they finished the project by outlining the flowers,  adding a line for a table and filling the table and background with lines and patterns.  Like the artwork we looked at in the beginning no two are alike, but they are all beautiful!

More To Come!!

Chinese Dragon Puppets

First Grade

Dragon Puppets!

Dragons are an important part of Chinese culture. 

They help ring in the Chinese New Year and are symbols of good luck, prosperity and rain.  

These dragon puppets were made with great care. Students needed to carefully use markers to color in their dragons head and then cut them out.  Their bodies were folded like accordions to make the puppet more moveable and the glitter was added for pizzazz!

East Asian Cone Hats

Cone hats are worn in many Asian countries including China, Japan and Vietnam.  They are often made of bamboo, straw and sometimes fabric.  Plain colored cone hats are worn for everyday use; while more decorated ones like these are for special occasions.  First grade students started with a pattern on the edge of their cone hat followed by a design from nature in the center of their hat.  When they were finished we stapled them together and added a string making them 3Dimensional. A great hat for any day!

1st Grade Fall Lessons