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Lancaster Art Gallery: Third Grade

Elements of Art

The Elements of Art are the ingredients to make art.  








3rd Grade

State Standards, Competency & Learning Targets

Mexican Sombrero

Third Grade - Mexican Sombreros

Vincent Van Gogh Skies

Third Grade - Vincent Van Gogh Skies

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the “Great Masters” in art history.  His style is known for its vibrant colors, thick paint and brush strokes that are visible and create a movement and energy in his art. 

Third grade students learned about Van Gogh and then created these beautiful artworks in his style.   Van Gogh would be proud!

More to come!

Egyptian Portraits

Third Grade

Egyptian Portraits

Egyptian art is exciting to explore!  We looked at their artwork, jewelry and architecture before making these portraits.

We began this project by dividing the face with lines so that the facial features are in the right place.  Next they learned how to draw the facial features; eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows by breaking them down into simple shapes.  Finally the faces were colored in with natural colors to create a realistic picture.

To finish, the headdress and necklace were colored with metallic crayons to give them a little shimmer, glitter was added for extra shine and the students stamped hieroglyphs (Egyptian writing) on papers they attached to the bottom.  Portraits can be a challenging subject to draw, but these students did great!


African Masks

Masks have been made for thousands of years all over the world.  Masks are made for disguise, theater, ritual, war and celebration.  Third grade students study Africa in the classroom so we made African Masks in the art room.  It is a great connection and masks are a beautiful form of art.

Students chose from five styles of African masks, made simple designs on them and then were limited to four colors for painting.  It may be difficult to tell in some pictures, but the final step was to make them 3 Dimensional.  All of the finished projects will be hanging during open house in April.  We look forward to seeing you there!

3rd Grade