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SHS Athletic Photos: Spring 2013-14

2014 Boys Lacrosse


Coach Boudreau, Shawn Moreau, Andrew Phillips, Robert LaRhette, Oliver Ouellet, Coach Hailey

2014 Boys Outdoor Track


Coach Gati, Brett Grady, Colin Parnell, Ryan Buck, Austin Ribaudo, Coach Adams, Coach Robinson

2014 Baseball


Coach Keleher, Alexander Mahn, Carleton Beaulieu, Mitchell Dufton, Jacob White, Coach Larsen

2014 Boys Volleyball


Coach Taylor, Jacob Slepian, Charles Peters, Zackary Demers, Colton Burnham, Patrick Frydryck, Coach Roemer

2014 Girls Lacrosse


Coach Miano, Ashley Hayes, Ashley Zannini, Danielle Smith, Erika Smith, Coach Wahlen

2014 Girls Outdoor Track


Coach Burns, Mikaela Gauvain, Olivia Burke, Abigail MacGregor, Lauren MacGregor, Coach Adams

2014 Boys Tennis


Coach Ranks, Ryan Fredette, Matthew Descoteaux, Brandon Rastello, Austin Wilson, Coach Duranko

2014 Girls Tennis


Coach Ranks, Ariana Sullivan, Lucille Barberian, Lillian O’Connor, Brenna Blakslee, Coach Killion