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Automotive Technology: Services Offered / Policies

To make an appointment


To make an appointment please email or call us at:

603-893-7073 Extension: 5416

When emailing or calling please include:

1.       The year, make, and model of the vehicle.

2.       When you would like to come in (Wednesday-Friday only).

3.       What services or work that you are in need of. (Oil change, SI, Tires)

4.       Your name, phone extension, and room number.

5.       If requesting a tire quote, please include the tire size, brand and model of the tire you have/want.

Services Offered

Salem Autotech ONLY works on student and staff vehicles.

Some of the services offered by Salem Auto-Tech:

·         Engine Oil and filter change

·         Tire replacement and tire repair

·         Road force wheel balancing

·         4-wheel alignment

·         New Hampshire State Inspections

·         Brake repairs

·         Exhaust repairs

·         Steering and suspension repairs

·         Minor engine repair

·         Cooling system repairs

·         Battery, starting and charging system repairs          

Service Policies

Salem Auto-Tech Repair Policies (Effective 8/21/14)

The automotive department offers basic automotive repairs and routine maintenance. The automotive shop exists to service the students. Work and services are performed by the automotive students during the school day.

·         Payment is due at the time of service. (No Exceptions)

·         Payment must be in the form of cash or check only. (No Credit Cards)

·         All work being considered must be beneficial as well as educational to the students.

·         Customers must be an employee of the school district.

·         The customer must agree to any work that is being performed.

·         The vehicle that is to be worked on must have a valid registration.

·         Before any vehicle is worked on, it must be approved by the instructors.

·         Customer cannot wait while their vehicle is being worked on.

·         Instructors may refuse any vehicle, at any time, for any reason.

          (Example: Major Drivability or Advanced Computer Diagnostic issues)

·         Jobs such as oil changes, tires, and state inspections can usually be completed in a day.

·         Some jobs may require the vehicle to be in the shop for longer periods of time.

·         All work performed is checked before the vehicle leaves by an instructor.

·         The automotive department is always looking for vehicles to be donated.