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Courtois AP Biology Exploring Current Research: Scholarly Research

What is a scholarly publication/research?

Are you ready for college-level research?

Do you know how to...

  • pose a research question
  • develop search terms
  • understand source types
  • know how to locate academic research
  • follow citation style guidelines
  • ask a librarian for assistance!

Types of Journals/Magazines

Popular Magazines Scholarly Journal "peer-reviewed"
written for general consumption written for those with a background in the discipline/subject
cover a variety of topics specific to the discipline/subject 
do not note references, works cited include citations, literature reviews
written be generalists, journalists written by experts, academics, researchers, etc. 
includes a lot of advertising little to no advertising


Common Elements of a Scholarly Journal

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Research Methods/Results
  • Discussions/Implications
  • Bibliography/Works Cited