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Courtois AP Biology Exploring Current Research: NoodleTools Tutorials


The district subscribes to NoodleTools (NT) to give students access to a citation manager. In addition to helping you cite and manage sources you can also use it for note-taking and creating outlines.  You can also find information and citation examples on the MLA 9th resource guide - 

If the tutorial below doesn't help, please remember Ms. Hopkins is here.  Find her at the library or email her through your school Google account -


Create and Share a Project Folder

Create a Project Folder Tutorial

After you create a project folder, in the dashboard you can:

  • share to collaborate with a fellow student(s)
  • share with your teacher (they will need to provide you with the name of their inbox)

Exporting Citations from Databases

The following databases allow you to export citations directly into your project folder:

  • Credo Source
  • Biography in Context
  • Classroom Video on Demand
  • Opposing Viewpoints
  • Science in Context
  • US/World History

  Make sure you are logged into NT prior to exporting! 


Cite a Print Book

The tutorial below demonstrates how to cite a print book with one author.  If your book has the following please see Ms. Hopkins for assistance:

  • Multiple authors
  • Editor  of a book with chapters written by multiple authors
  • An encyclopedia with no authors listed

Copy and Paste Database Citations

If the database does not provide you with an export to NT feature you can copy and paste the citation as demonstrated in this video. 

Cite a Website

When citing a website remember your goal is to try and locate as much information as possible to get your reader back to that source.  However, if no information is provided than that field would be left blank.  

Create your Works Cited Page

Utilize the export to Google docs feature to make sure your Works Cited page meets MLA formatting guidelines.