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Daily Assignments

Friday, June 13:

Consider the Web 2.0 tools that we have used in class.  Complete a reflection that answers the following questions:

  • What did you like most about the activities we completed?  least?
  • What tool could you use in another class?  How could you use this tool to support your learning?

Thursday, June 12:

We have completed many activities that ask you to draw an image and include quotes or adjectives about that image.  Choose your favorite image from this semester.

  • Scan this image
  • Write a blog entry to include with this image.   The blog entry should answer the following question:
    • What skills did you practice and/or show mastery in for this activity?
    • How did the imagery activity help you understand and/or analyze the literature we read?
  • Consider the following in your blog post:
    • How can you include the picture and reflection so the layout is visually appealing?
    • What should the title for your post be?
      •  How can you capture the reader's attention?  and/or How does your title summarize the main idea of the blog?

HW:  Embed your Macbeth final presentation and the reflection you completed.

Monday, June 9:

  • Examine your pieces of writing from this semester.  
    • Complete a blog entry that discusses your growth as a writer.
      • Discuss the following:
        • What have you learned about yourself as a writer?
        • How will you continue to improve your writing?  What do you need to do to improve your writing?
        • What piece are your most proud of?  Why?  How does the piece demonstrate your growth?
      • Choose your least favorite piece and most favorite piece.  Hyperlink to these two pieces of writing in your reflection.

Friday, June 6:  

  • Post 1:  
    • Title:  Realtime Board - should be embedded
    • Text on Entry:
      • What does your Realtime Board show about you?  
      • What did you learn by  completing this activity?
  • Post 2: 
    • Title:  Dream Poem - 
      • Soundcloud should be embedded
      • Scan Dream poem and include the image of it on post
      • Text on Entry:
        • What does your Dream Poem show about you?  
        • What did you learn by completing this activity?
          • about yourself?
          • about technology?
          • about writing?

Monday, June 2:

  • Watch the tutorial videos
  • Create your blog and adjust the permissions and template, as needed
  • If you can, create a first blog post with your Realtime board embedded

Mrs. Desjadon