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Important People in World History: Tips for a Good Presentation

Guide to help with your presentation and speech about your assigned person.

Ted Talks

TED is a great resource to find good examples of presentations.  Speakers with passion!

Google Presentation

1) Title Google Presentation - Your Last Name and Topic 

2) Share with Mrs. Talbott

Think about...

  • Who is your audience?
  • Images are more interesting.
  • Less is powerful.
  • Avoid distracting fonts/color combinations.
  • Whitespace can be good.
  • Slides are for your audience - not you.  Don't read them.
  • No more than one idea per slide.
  • Rehearse, be prepared. 

Google Presentation/PowerPoint Guidelines

  • 24 size font - minimum
  • limit text by
    • avoiding paragraphs
    • using bullet points
    • using succinct phrases
    • no more than 6 bullet points
  • fancy is not better - KISS (keep it simple stupid)
    • fonts "with feet" are easier to read
    • fonts "without feet" make nice titles
  • Choose color combinations carefully
  • Limit graphics on each slide
  • Slides supplement your presentation - they are not the presentation
  • Outline or storyboard before you start
  • Bells and whistles (animations) are distracting
  • Proofread and spell check