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Woodbury Advisory: August

A guide to activities and themes to cover with advisory classes.

Start of Year - Paperwork and Getting to Know You

  • Handout all paperwork and review with students
  • Review the student handbook
  • Review emergency procedures and practice fire drill procedure
  • Assign lockers to students
  • Ice breaker activities (See attached activities or choose your own)
  • Review advisory goals with students

Activities Offered at Woodbury - Getting Students Interested

  • Review the article "Extracurricular Activities" (You can highlight parts that are most relevant as the article is fairly lengthy)

  • Ask students what activities they are currently involved in after school.
  • Read the Power Club list of activities that Woodbury offers.
  • Have each student write on a note card the activities they would like to be involved in this year and any questions they may have.
  • Discuss with those who want to share their plans for the upcoming year.
  • Collect the note cards and answer students questions (as a whole group or in private depending on questions asked).

Middle School - Making the Transitions Easier

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade 

  • Talk about expectations for 8th grade.  Use "Making the Most of 8th Grade" article to get the students talking.