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Woodbury Advisory: Remote Community Building

A guide to activities and themes to cover with advisory classes.

Remote Community Building


Below you will find a link to many remote community building activities and games to use with students via Zoom. Additional activities, games, and links will be added as the year progresses. Remember to keep checking back in for more information.

Funny Questions Scavenger Hunt

Hello All,

This is a fun remote community building activity that can be done via Zoom.


This Zoom scavenger hunt idea is a little different from all the rest. For this activity, tell each student to bring 3 to 5 random items to the online classroom meeting. Ask students to share the items that they select. Then, ask a funny question and have each student select one of their random items to answer the question. For example:

  • You are going to the moon and can only take one item with you. Which do you pick?
  • It’s your teacher’s birthday. Which item would you give her as a gift?
  • You are stuck on a boat in the middle of a lake. Which item do you use to row back to shore?
  • Which of your items would be the best topic for a new television show?
  • You’ve been invited to dinner at the White House. Which item do you take with you?
  • You’ve lost your hairbrush. Which item could you use to brush your hair?
  • Aliens arrive on Earth and you have been asked to present them a gift. What do you give them?
  • You are opening an online store. Which item will be your biggest moneymaker?​​
  • Congress decides to create a new national holiday. What should the holiday be about?​