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Career & Technical Service Organizations: SKILLS USA

What Is SkillsUSA?


  1. What Is SkillsUSA? 
  • “SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry representatives, working together to ensure America has a skilled work force.  It helps each student to excel by teaching personal, workplace and technical skills grounded in academics.”


  1. What are the benefits for students who are members of the club?
  • It’s a National Organization State site
  • Regular Meetings with Agendas on Tuesday Mornings@ 7:00am-7:25am & Friday Afternoons @ 2:15pm-3:30pm the latest.
  • Fun/Make new CTE friends/ Comradery/Snacks at Meetings
  • Improve your program/competition skills, as well as your soft skills (resume writing-required to compete, interviewing)
  • Only $16 dues for the year
  • Provides experience in leadership activities/community service activities/fundraisers
  • Opportunity to win scholarships…Gold Medals earned at the State competitions… you could win a $5,000.00 scholarship from the NH Community College System.  (check with Mr. Hazel to see if your competition category offers this)
  • Opportunity to travel to Nationals if you win the Gold at States (often enough $ is raised for student to travel for free)
  • Business and industry leaders recognize the value of SkillsUSA and often partner with the SkillsUSA Association.  Looks great on your resume for post-secondary and/or future employment. 


  1. When and why was SkillsUSA established at SHS?    
  • SkillsUSA at Salem High was a  Student Organization at SHS called VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America) for Culinary Arts only and opened in 1989 by Greg Sullivan-Culinary Instructor.  At the time, other NH CTE programs were regularly competing at States, but not at Salem High School.  Mrs. Berube re-opened the Salem Chapter in 2000, under the new name of SkillsUSA-VICA for the entire CTE Department.  New Perkins regulations required that CTE programs offer at least one CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization) to their students. Subsequently, the VICA name was dropped and the club is now called SkillsUSA.


  1. Are there any specific requirements students must have to join SkillsUSA?                               
  • Yes, at Salem High School, students must be enrolled in a CTE Program. 

SkillsUSA NH 2018

Missing from photo - Brooklynn Leonard and Jared Preston


State Officers

Daniel Smolenski

State Officer


Brooklynn Leonard

State Officer



Briana Demers

Pin Design


Garret Houle

Auto Service Technology


David Jacobs

Diesel Equipment Technology


Nicole Bergeron

Extemporaneous Speaking


Broooklynn Leonard



Noah Bourassa

Related Technical Math


Jacob Gallagher

Technical Computer Applications



Nate Magoon

Television Production


Meiyi Chong

Television Production


Andrew Lacson

Job Interview


Logan Cartwright

Technical Computer Applications



Connor Chute

Architectural Drafting


Devin Norris

Broadcast News


Daniel Smolenski

Broadcast News


Brenden Nault

Broadcast News


Christy Reilly

Broadcast News


Jared Preston



Briana Demers

Digital Cinema


Autumn-Rose Bogdan

Digital Cinema


Arianna Freitas

Extemporaneous Speaking


SkillsUSA NH 2017 State Competition Medalists

Front Row -- Nate Magoon, Grecia Murillo-Romero, Brianna Messina, & Briana Demers

Back Row -- Brooke Johnson, Meiyi Chong, Brenden Nault, & Devin Norris



          Jacob Attarian - Silver Technical Computer Apps 2017                                                   Josh Attarian - Gold 2nd time 2017 Extemporaneous Speech



                                                                                                 Ben Matte - Gold in Technical Computer Applications


Congratulations to the following students for placing at the 2017 SkillsUSA NH competitions;


1st Place-Gold


Josh Attarian-Extemporaneous Speech


Ben Matte-Technical Computer Applications



2nd Place-Silver


Jacob Attarian-Technical Computer Applications


Nate Magoon & Grecia Murillo-Romero-Team B Television/Video Production


Brenden Nault, Devin Norris, Meiyi Chong, and Brooke Johnson-Broadcast News



3rd Place-Bronze


Briana Demers & Brianna Messina-Team C Television/Video Production


Congratulations to their CTE instructors; Joe Messineo, Curt Killion, Craig Robinson, and Chris Hazel.


1st place winners will be traveling to the SkillsUSA National Leadership Conference on June 19, 2017.  Anyone interested in sponsoring the students may contact Mrs. Berube at Salem CTE Center 893-7073 x 5339.

CTSO Week at Salem High School


SkillsUSA Salem member Jacob Attarian created a SkillsUSA informational pamphlet explaining what a CTSO-Career & Technical Student Organization is and why it is important to join SkillsUSA at Salem High School. Jacob also included the dates and times for SkillsUSA meetings, as well as a directory of Salem Officers and Advisors.   Jacob, along with fellow committee members Joshua Attarian, Chris Nikitas, Anthony Morganelli, and Mrs. Terry Berube-Advisor, made announcements in the cafeteria and distributed the pamphlets to the students at all four lunches on Wednesday, February 10, 2016.  Pictured is a photo of Jacob Attarian, wearing his purple SkillsUSA NH Leadership T-shirt (donated by Gemini Electric), proudly holding his creation.  Jacob is currently a junior and enrolled in both the Marketing and the CSMA-Computer Software Media Applications programs at Salem’s CTE Center.  

SkillsUSA Salem, NH achieves Chapter Excellence Level 1

SkillsUSA Salem passed the criteria needed for the Chapter Excellence Award on December 7, 2015, receiving the 1st award granted in the state of NH for being a quality SkillsUSA Chapter.  Students will be busy working on Level 2 of the program in the upcoming months.  In order to receive the Level 1 award the group had to complete the following;

1.Chapter pays membership dues.

2.All section/program advisors paid professional dues to SkillsUSA.

3.The chapter elected chapter officers.

4.The chapter conducted well-planned, regularly scheduled chapter meetings.

5.The chapter completed a projected budget.

6.The chapter completed a Program of Work.


Next, the group had to complete 3 activities using the 3 Framework Components 1-Personal Skills, 2-Workplace Skills, and 3-Technical Skills.  The 3 activities the Salem students chose to work on included; a Halloween Fundraiser, attended the SkillsUSA NH Fall Leadership Conference, and the group organized and implemented a community service project- Bingo at Salem Haven Nursing Home in Salem, NH on December 4, 2015.

Activity 1-The Halloween fundraiser was the brainchild of Joshua Attarian-membership officer and consisted of selling raffle tickets for the right to vote in a SHS teacher who would don a costume and then a 2nd raffle that selected which costume the voted-in teacher wore.  Mrs. Tasneem Mohammed, Mrs. Danielle MacDonald, and Ms. Sarah Ellins quickly volunteered and Mrs. Mohammed won.  The Whoopee Cushion costume was the winner of the 2nd raffle and Mrs. Mohammed paraded around the cafeteria during all 4 lunches on October 30, 2015.  The group was able to donate $25.00 to “End 68 Hours of Hunger” a Salem School District Initiative that provides support to Salem families in need.  


Photo 1 is Mrs. Mohammed in costume.  Photo 2 is Nick Payne, Ben Matte, and Patrick Chan (L-R) advertising the costumes, which SHS students purchased raffle tickets as a means of voting.

Activity 2-The SkillsUSA Fall Leadership Conference was attended by 19 Salem students and 3 Salem Professionals.  Students took workshops with titles including “Be a Role Model”, “Power of Public Speaking”, “Delivering the SkillsUSA Message”, “Be Your Best Self”, “Time Management”, “Exploring the Program of Work”, and “State Officer Discussion”.  Advisors and instructors attended sessions on the “SkillsUSA Framework and Career Readiness Curriculum” presented by Hal Casey-the Maine Skills USA State Director.  


Photo 1 is Chef Jeff Bratz and the SkillsUSA Salem students at the Fall Leadership Conference.   Photo 2 (L-R) is Cam Lira, Anthony Morganelli, Mike Blache, Chris Nikitas, Chris Drew, Jake Attarian, Ben Matte, Brittany Harris, Josh Attarian, Kaija McKibben, Josh Noonan, Francis Donovan, Mariah Guy, and Mrs. Berube-Advisor wearing their new SkillsUSA T-shirts donated by Gemini Electric. Not pictured in the photo, but in attendance were: Dave Deschene, Dylan Beaulieu, Anthony Sacco, and Tom Lapointe.   

The 3rdand last activity for the Chapter Excellence Program Level 1 was Bingo at Salem Haven.  Jake Attarian, Josh Attarian, Brittany Harris, Cam Lira, Ben Matte, Anthony Morganelli, and their advisor Mrs. Berube joined Emily Nutter-Activity Director at the nursing home for Bingo.  Approximately 20 residents enjoyed the activity led by caller Brittany Harris-Vice-President of SkillsUSA NH.  The residents appreciated the prizes, quarters, and fresh baked cookies made and donated by Brittany and her classmates in Culinary Arts.  


The deadline for the Chapter Excellence Level 2 Program is March 1, 2016 and the SkillsUSA Salem group is very busy working on their submission.  Chapters who receive either level of excellence will be recognized at the SkillsUSA Award Ceremony, which will be held at the Sanborn Regional High School on Sunday, March 20, 2016 at 2:00pm.