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Barron Library: Search Online

Student Search Engine


Grade 4 - Internet search

Prepare Before You Search

Create a Question

Think carefully about what you're looking for and ask a question.

Example: What is the best food for dogs?

Identify Key Words

Example: What is the best food for dogs?

Find Synonyms for Key Words

Example: best = healthy     food = diet       

Alternative question: What is a healthy diet for dogs?

Use Quotation Marks 

When you are searching for an exact phrase

"toy dog" will get you results about a small breed of dogs

 toy dog (no quotes) will get results about small dogs and toys for your dog.


Online Sources


Each pair of websites has a reliable source and a source that is less trustworthy. Can you tell which ones that are the most reliable? Click HERE to tell us what you think.

National Geographic Kids Animals or A-Z Animals

All About Explorers or DK Explorers