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Fisk Library: Search Online

Search Engines for Kids



Grade 4 - Internet search

Which one do you prefer?

Prepare Before You Search!

Grade 5 Assignment: Searching Exercise

Watch the following video and read the instructions below before doing the Searching Exercise.

Create a Question

Think carefully about what you're looking for and ask a question.

Example: How fast does a cheetah run?

Identify Key Words

Example: How fast does a cheetah run?

Find Synonyms for Key Words

Example: fast = speed

Use Quotation Marks 

When you are searching for an exact phrase

Example: "school uniforms" instead of school uniforms  

Grade 5 - How Search Works from

Grade 5 - Online sources

Is it reliable? 

3 of the websites below are reliable sources of information.  Can you figure out which ones?


Cosmic Critters or Northwest Tree Octopus

All About Explorers or DK Explorers 

 Weather for Kids or Weather Wiz Kids