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Team 18-Mrs. Richard: Team Info

Behavior Policy

Our Classroom Rules:


We will be using tickets this year as part of our behavior plan.  Students started the year with 4 tickets.  They will continue to earn tickets for good behavior, great participation, random acts of kindness or other examples of great behavior.  Students can also lose a ticket for not following classroom rules. 

At some point every month students will be allowed to “cash in” their tickets for a prize.  Students have a list of the prizes in their MOOSE.

To encourage teamwork and good behavior, students will also work to earn MOOSE.  When the class is behaving and working like a team they will earn a MOOSE.  Once ten MOOSE are earned the class will vote on a reward to celebrate.



Tuesday-Music and Band (don't forget your instrument!)


Thursday-PE (don't forget your sneakers!)

Friday-Library (don't forget your books!)

Grading Policy