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Upton Sinclair's The Jungle meets History : Home

The Jungle Audio

The following are links to Audio Chapters of the book The Jungle 


If you prefer to READ the Chapers:

Packingtown : 1900

Muckrakers Video - Homework!

User Name:  salemh         password: 03079


There are questions to go with this video on my blog (yes they go in order)

History Connections

Part of the performance based assessment is to link The Jungle to history.  Below are the links that you are required to use.  Take notes on what is most important 

To access the articles below log into the American History database first and then click on the links below.

username - salemh
password - 03079 

Helpful Hints

Remember to look at the directions that were given in class. When taking notes focus on what is the most important information. Always be thinking about how Upton Sinclair's The Jungle connect to history.  

Follow these directions to create your newspaper