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Family & Consumer Sciences: Grade 8

Program Overview

*  The Game of Life  *

Program Overview

      The grade 8 F.A.C.S. program challenges students to discover their unique qualities, learn how to make positive choices and negotiate through life's "twists n turns" to achieve a healthier future.  
        The first move in The Game of Life is to learn how personality type can empower relationships, interests and career choices. Next, students explore the importance of good decision-making, the value of money and how to become a smart shopper. Students get to test their skills as a consumer when they go on a field trip to the Reality Fair.  CU4 Reality is a program sponsored by the Service Credit Union which focuses on budget and checkbook management, savings and investment, and career exploration. 
        Finally, the program tackles real-life issues and challenges that teens face today. Students will learn strategies to avoid negative peer pressure as they gain the confidence to make healthy and responsible decisions. These skills will be put to the test as they study the effects and consequences of tobacco, alcohol and drug use, risky relationships, and disease prevention.  Some of the essential questions that will be addressed include: 
  • How can students build self-worth and respect the value of life?
  • What are the components of a good decision?
  • What are the top ten refusal skills a person can use to get out of a risky situation?
  • How does negative risk-taking behavior increase the odds a person will prematurely die or acquire a disease?
  • How can a person go through life without contracting a STD/STI?
  • What are the characteristics of a healthy relationship versus an unhealthy or abusive relationship?
Grade 8 Resources

Take Home Activity

Click on the link below to open "The Wisdom of Others"- Relationship Interview Worksheet.