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Mr. Olkovikas: Macbeth

Act 3 Performance Links

For the performance of your act 3 scene, the group should work through the following links.

1. First, go to Sparknotes and write down summary information for each scene in act 3.

2. Next, go to MIT Shakespeare to find an online version of your scene.  Then, copy and paste the scene into a google doc for editing.  Make sure you print out a copy of the scene for each group member.

3. The group should also watch a version of your scene.

4. Now, your group should take the script of your scene and two things.

  1. Read through the script and delete lines that you think are unimportant to the scene.
  2. Read through the script again to add notes about how the lines should be said (loudly, softly, quickly, slowly, pauses, stressed words, who the line is said to), and to add notes about where the characters should stand, move, look, gesture, facial expression.

5. Finally, determine costumes and props. Then, practice, practice, practice.

Example Promptbook