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Mr. Olkovikas: More Things Change...


You will research two topics:  First you will use the links below to research information about three specific cases.  Secondly, you will do research on the general topic about race and the legal system.

  • Take notes on this time line about Freddie Gray.
  • Then take notes on this time line about Trayvon Martin.
  • Finally, take notes on this time line about Michael Brown.
  • Now for the independent part.  Choose one of the three to focus your research on.  Then go to a research site Ms. Hopkins has created for us.  There you will watch a short tutorial on using three databases.  After watching the tutorial, use the database to find additional articles to learn more about the story and race and the legal system.  Link to Ms. Hopkins research site.
  • Presentation of your research:  Go to this website and review 50 excellent infographics.