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Reform Movement: Temperance

Temperance Movement

Temperance Pledge

This certifies that Rufus P. Stebbings is a member of the

Antivenenean Society of Amherst College

July 29, 1834

Signed by . . . H. Humphrey, President and Edward Hitchcock, Secretary

This is a voluntary association for the preservation of health and the correction of public opinion, each member having signed the following Preamble & Resolution.

Whereas the undersigned, Officers and Students in Amherst College are Convinced that it is best for us to dispense with Ardent Spirit, Wine, Opium and Tobacco, as articles of luxury and diet ____ therefore,

Resolved: that relying on Divine aid we hereby pledge to one another our mutual Promise, that while connected with this Institution, we will abstain entirely from These articles, except as medicine, and the use of wine at the Lord's Supper. ____

* Venenate: to poison; to infect with poison. An anti-venenean society would be against poisoning, in this case poisoning the body with ardent spirit, wine, opium, etc. (Definition of venenate from the 1835 edition of An American Dictionary of the English Language, by Noah Webster, published in New York, by N. and J. White.)