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Woodbury Spanish : 7th Grade Spanish

Vocabulario Capítulo 1

¡Mucho gusto!

Introducing people and responding to an introduction:

  • Age & Numbers (0-30)
  • Origins
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Sports/Musical Genres/Foods
  • Definite Articles
  • Subject Pronouns

Vocabulario Capítulo 2


Talking about needs and wants.

  • School Supplies
  • Describing the contents of your room.
  • Talking about what you need and want to do.
  • Indefinite Articles
  • Infinitive Verbs

Vocabulario Capítulo 3

Nuevas clases, nuevos amigos

Talking about class schedules and sequencing events.

  • Telling Time
  • Talking about being late/hurry
  • Describing people and things
  • School Subjects
  • Talking about thing you like and explaining why
  • Present tense of Ser
  • Adjective agreement
  • Possession with de

Vocabulario Capítulo 4

¿Qué haces esta tarde?

Telling where people and things are and where you go during free time.

  • Present tense AR verbs
  • Present tense of jugar
  • Contraction al 
  • Use of que
  • Present tense of estar
  • Present tense of ir
  • Days of the week

0-100 in Spanish

Sin gol, no hay fútbol.

Extra Credit

Foreign Language: Spanish