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Woodbury Spanish : 8th Grade Spanish

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Period 1 -- jkw12y

Period 2 -- unbija

Review of Ch. 1-4

Vocabulario Capítulo 5

El ritmo de la vida

Talk about what you and your friends like to do together. Discuss how often you do things.

  • Discuss what a typical week is like for you.
  • Frequency terms.
  • Give today's date.
  • Weather expressions.
  • Negation
  • ¿quién?  and  ¿quiénes?
  • les and a ustedesa ellosa ellas
  • -er and -ir verbs

Vocabulario Capítulo 6

Entre familia

Describing a family and discussing what family does together.

  • Describing people.
  • Discussing problems and giving advice.
  • Household chores vocabulary.
  • Possessive Adjectives
  • Present tense of hacer and salir
  • Present tense of deber
  • Present tense poner
  • Understand "Personal a"

Vocabulario Capítulo 7

¿Qué te gustaría hacer?

Making phone calls and plans.

  • Talking on the phone.
  • Extending and accepting invitations.
  • Talking about getting ready.
  • Turning down an invitation and explaining why.
  • e to ie stem-changing verbs
  • pensar + infinitive
  • Reflexive verbs
  • Expressions with tener

Vocabulario Capítulo 8

¡A comer!

Dining in a restaurant.

  • Restaurant and food vocabulary.
  • Commenting about meals and food.
  • Making polite requests and ordering.
  • Asking for and paying the bill.
  • Present tense of encantar.
  • ser vs. estar.
  • o to ue stem-changing verbs
  • Expressions with tener
  • Forms of otro


Capitulo 6-2

Libro Rojo pÁgina 181 Actividad 22
1.¿Sales los fines de semana?
2.¿Qué te gusta hacer cuando sales?
3.¿Con quién o con quiénes sales?
4.¿Qué haces cuando sales con tus amigos?
5.¿Qué te gusta hacer cuando sales con tu familia?
6.Si no sales mucho, ¿qué haces tú?


100 Most Common Verbs


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