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Woodbury Spanish : Apps


Duolingo (free)

Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian (and many more!) through mini-games that test your speaking, writing, and reading skills.  You can even compete against friends!  


Dic-Dic ($1.99)

Learn to spell in Spanish and French with pronunciation by native speakers.  Ad-free.  



Explore articles in Spanish -- Sports, News, Entertainment, etc.  

Spanish Cat

Spanish Cat (free)

One of the funniest ways to learn Spanish-- these felines teach you vocabulary, phrases, and grammar with fun imagry, sound affects, and music.  

PicPocket Books

 Books ($1.99 per book)

Downloadable audio books with colorful illustrations.  Pause, fast-forward, or go back at any time.  

Palabras y Fotos


Palabras y Fotos (0.99)

Can you guess the missing letters?  Four pictures are given as clues to the word that needs to be spelled.  

Gus on the Go

Gus on the Go ($3.99)

Explore 26 languages with Gus, the traveling owl ($3.99 per language).  Learn the basics of a language, such as numbers, colors, shapes, etc.  After completing a lesson, Gus will let you "unlock" the next adventure through review of what you just learned.  

Foreign Language: Spanish

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