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Woodbury Spanish : Repurposing Club

Power Form

Students need a completed Power Form to be passed into the Main Office.  Click above to print out a form.

2016 Activities


Zippered case from two waterbottles.

2016 Activities

Carton wallets.

2016 Activities

Marshmallow poppers.

About R.C.

    Image result for recycle symbol     The Repurposing Club ...

provides an opportunity for students to develop their creativity and resourcefulness.  The club's activities range from learning how to sew and garden, to finding new uses for everyday household items. 


See below for the Repurposing Club's list of supplies.  The club is open to all Power Club students.

Sept 15- Marshmallow Popper (no supplies needed)

Sept 22- Paper bows (no supplies needed)

WED Sept 28- Carton Wallet - Need clean OJ/Milk carton with cap

Oct 13- Zippered container - Need 2 dry water bottles

Oct 20 - Eyeball Origami (no supplies needed)

WED Oct 26- Wobbly Paper Fish (no supplies needed)



2015 Calendar & Supplies

International Language: Spanish