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Comp - Gatsby & The 1920s: Image Quest

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Brittanica Image Quest  

You can always find access to Image Quest on the Library's Database and E-Resources page as shown below:

Image Attribution

We give attribution for several reasons:

1.       To give credit

2.       To let our reader view the original

3.       To demonstrate we have permission to re-use the work

Attributions should include:

  • Title of work by author, artist, etc.  – in italics
  • Name of creator: author/photographer/videographer, etc.
  • Name of Website/Source where image can be found
  • Notation of Creative Common’s license, public domain, Britannica Image Quest, or own work


A Flapper Girl by akg-images made available for educational re-use by Britannica ImageQuest. 

General Overview of Image Quest