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Comp - Gatsby & The 1920s: Annotated Bibliography

MLA 8th ed.

Looking for more on MLA 8th ed.?  Visit or contact your librarian! 

What is an annotated bibliography?

This video describes some of the common requirements for an annotated bibliography.  Always make sure to check with your teacher for specific requirements. 

Online Citation Managers

Annotated Bibliography Template -  The MLA Handbook does not provide specific formatting guidelines for an annotated bibliography so always check with your teacher for any special instructions.  To access this document, you must be signed into your nhsau57 Google account.

Both EasyBib and NoodleTools provide a field to include an annotation with your source.  Refer to the screenshots below for where to find that option.

Purdue OWL is again, an excellent resource for this topic and provides information and a sample.  

NoodleTools - Scroll down to the bottom of the source information to find the annotation field.

EasyBib - scroll down to the bottom of the source to find this field.