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New Students

Parents of incoming students to the Salem School District need to complete a number of registration forms and provide supporting documentation to verify residency, student age, physical exams, and other important information.

Required Forms (Woodbury)

Parents can obtain registration details from the Registration Requirements document above, helpful tips information to the right, or begin by downloading and completing individual forms below. 

All documents listed must be printed out and filled out to complete registration.


Is your child a new student or returning student to the Salem School District?  If so, WELCOME!  We understand that the registration process can be frustrating if you're not prepared so we've provided this page to help you.  

You must provide:

  • CURRENT Proof of your Salem Residency: TWO Documents ( P&S agreement, lease agreement, rent receipt; utility bill, tax bill, deed, homeowner's or renter's insurance bill; Salem residency affidavit)
  •    Your student's birth certificate
  •    Your student's immunization record

Start the registration process as soon as possible.  Students are able to attend school 48 hours from the point in time when all registration requirements have been met.

The Guidance Office is open from 7:00 am until 3:30pm.  .  Please call (603) 893-7055 x 3180 for assistance.

Private High School Application Process

Private School Application Process

Dear Students and Parents,

If you plan to  apply to a private high school, you must notify the guidance office. We will send an email to the parent to confirm the information.

The application process for most private schools is now exclusively online.  The guidance office will send the required supplemental documents, including transcripts, test scores, and attendance records, directly to the requesting school.

Typically, administrators and teachers from whom students request a recommendation are now emailed a link to complete the process electronically. It is the student's responsibility to request recommendations, provide contact information for individuals asked to complete recommendations, and to follow up to ensure successful submission.

Please contact the guidance office at Woodbury with  questions at 893-7055  x 3180.


***Please note it is the student’s responsibility to request, deliver related materials for, and follow up on teacher recommendations,*** 

Private High School Application Supplemental Form

The student can choose to complete the “Teacher Questionnaire Survey."  This form is intended to provide helpful information to those writing a letter of recommendation for whom the letter of recommendation is being written.  It is the student’s responsibility to ask teachers if they would be willing to write a letter of recommendation on their behalf.