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NHSAS Training: Student Test Taking Tips

Student Test Taking Tips

Top Twenty Tips from Third Grade

  1. Get a good night’s sleep so you can be energized during the test.
  2. Eat a big breakfast so your belly isn’t hungry. Get a drink before the test.
  3. Use the bathroom before your test.
  4. Gum or sucking on a mint helped us think!
  5. Have a sharp pencil.
  6. Be prepared for hard questions and lots of typing! Persevere. Take small breaks if you need to. Get up and move to feel less stressed!
  7. Read all directions carefully. Remember to take your time. Don’t rush!
  8. Have scratch paper and USE it! Take notes as you read and when you listen to the video/audio clips. Use the scratch paper for multiplication, draw pictures to help solve math problems, etc.
  9. Use all of the buttons (tools) like tutorial, expand passage, strike through and zoom.  On the Performance Task you can use a built in dictionary and even spell check.
  10. It is important to not skip reading paragraphs. Remember, you might need to scroll up or down the screen to read and re-read the information.
  11. Read questions and directions carefully. Read the questions before you start reading the story. Look back and reread the story to help with the question.
  12.  REREAD if you are confused. When I was frustrated it helped to go back and reread to understand it better.
  13.  Don’t forget to read the headings in the graphs and tables. And bold words are important!!
  14.  Make sure if it says “Write several paragraphs” you write more than a few sentences. 
  15.  If you are REALLY stuck, mark it for review. Don’t spend too much time on one problem. It’s ok to take your best guess on really hard questions.
  16.  Go back and check your answer. This means REREAD a passage, check your notes, and think about your problem and answer.
  17.  Did we remind you to, “REREAD”?!
  18.  Don’t just click on random things. Ask a teacher if you are not sure.
  19.  This is not on your report card.

20. Don’t get too stressed! Take deep breaths.