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NHSAS Training: Preview and Assign Practice & Training Test vs. Modulars

About the Practice Test and Modular Benchmark Questions

The Practice & Training Tests and Modular questions available in the Assessment Viewing Application (AVA) allows test administrators and students to become familiar with the online testing environment before taking the live summative assessments.
Use these for student test preparation

  • Whole Class Instruction/ Modeling 
    • How to navigate online tools.
    • Content: What types of questions could be asked on the NHSAS?
  • Collaborative Small Group Lesson: In small groups, students complete an ELA, Math, or Science Module, share responses, and provide feedback.
  • Student practice: Teacher activates a module and students login with the Secure Browser to complete an ELA, Math, or Science Module.
  • Review and reflect on strategies: What are some test taking strategies that can be used to answer all types of questions?

Which should I use? 

Use the Practice & Training Tests to review the tools and features available within the NHSAS.

  • Practice using the online tools.
  • Learn how to navigate the test including how to submit the test.
  • Review with students: What are some test taking strategies that can be used to answer all types of questions.
  • Provides students with a grade-specific testing experience, including a variety of question types and difficulty levels.
  • Approximately 30 items each in Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy.

Use the Modulars available in the Assessment Viewing Application (AVA), to review specific ELA, Math, and Science content modules:

  • Content blocks per subject range from Science, Math, ELA Reading, Writing, and Editing.
  • Focus on smaller sets of related concepts amd specific standards.
    • Module questions provide more detailed information for instructional purposes.
  • Provide familiarization to the Test Session.
  • Use for instructional purposes (whole or small group).
  • Assign to students for additional practice.

How to Access and Review:

  • Practice & Training Test for whole or small group instruction
  • Assessment Viewing Application (AVA) to review modulars

Assigning a Modular or Practice & Training Test Session

Modulars tests assigned for practice can be activated in two ways:

  1. Create a Test Session ID: This is best for in person practice sessions that are being completed in the classroom. Just like the Summative Test, be sure to create the test session ID when you are ready for the students to begin testing. Students will need to login within 20 minutes of the session being created. Modulars: How to create a Test Session ID
  2. Schedule the practice session in advance and Create a Test Session Link: This is best for remote student login or for teachers that want to plan ahead and create a session link to be posted in Google Classroom. Session links are not live until the scheduled date. Modulars: How to Create a Test Session Link in Advance

Assign a Practice & Training Test to review the tools and features of the NHSAS:

  1. Create a Test Session ID: The Practice & Training test cannot be scheduled in advance. This is a longer test that mirrors the Summative test in terms of similar questions asked and length. These directions apply to remote and in person students. Practice & Training Test: How to create a Test Session ID

Student Login Requirements:

  • Using a Test Session ID:
    • Use the Secure Browser installed on all Chromebooks. Does not require logging into the Chromebook. 
    • Their SSID (located in TIDE)
    • A Session ID #
  • Using a Test Session Link:
    • Do NOT use the Secure Browser
    • Their SSID (located in TIDE)
    • A Session Link