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SHS Library: Library


Stop by the library to get a great read or reserve one online    for delivery

Need assistance?  Ask a question 24/7 

SHS Library Website

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About the Library

The Salem High School Library strives to provide equitable access to resources required for student achievement and interest in a safe and stimulating environment that inspires curiosity, promotes critical thinking, and develops skilled information users while also encouraging independent reading.  

We can help with...

  • web/database search strategies
  • technology integration
  • academic research consultation
  • citation and attribution requirements
  • copyright/fair-use guidance
  • accessing resources and
  • finding a good book to read! 

The library is open to students and staff: 
Monday - Friday: 7:00 am to 2:30 pm

603-893-7069 x 5344

All students signed into the library must immediately report to the main desk for instructions in case of a fire alarm or lock-down.  Please do not attempt to return back to your class. 

If sent from a class:

  • please have a pass from your classroom teacher
  • please sign into the library at the circulation desk
  • be prepared to explain your purpose in the library
  • please note that classes in the library have priority for computers, all efforts will be made to accommodate walk-ins 

If coming to the library during lunch:

  • please sign in at the circulation desk
  • coming to the library during lunch is a privileges, it is not for socializing, but for working on homework or quietly reading

Please help keep our new library beautiful - leave food and drink outside. 


To schedule your class visit please contact the library and provide us with:

  1. Total number of students
  2. Number of computers needed
  3. Any special technology that you may require
  4. What block/days you wish to reserve
  5. What lunch period you take if you are requesting time during block 3

When is my item due...

Students - Books and most resources are due three weeks after they are checked out. Books may be renewed at any time if there has not been a hold placed on it.

Staff - Books and Media are due three weeks after they are checked out. 

Chromebooks must be returned at the end of each block unless special arrangements have been previously made with a staff member in the library.

Can't find your library book, headphone, USB, etc.?

If you are not able to find (or it is damaged) your library book or other resource checked out to you are responsible for the replacement cost.  Failure to return or pay for any outstanding items may result in loss of school privileges. 


The RSA governing privacy is  RSA  201-D:11 Library User Records; Confidentiality. -

    I. Library records which contain the names or other personal identifying information regarding the users of public or other than public libraries shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed except as provided in paragraph II. Such records include, but are not limited to, library, information system, and archival records related to the circulation and use of library materials or services, including records of materials that have been viewed or stored in electronic form.

    II. Records described in paragraph I may be disclosed to the extent necessary for the proper operation of such libraries and shall be disclosed upon request by or consent of the user or pursuant to subpoena, court order, or where otherwise required by statute.

    III. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit any library from releasing statistical information and other data regarding the circulation or use of library materials provided, however, that the identity of the users of such library materials shall be considered confidential and shall not be disclosed to the general public except as provided in paragraph II.

This law applies to school libraries as well as public libraries.

Danielson's Domain 1 for Instructional Specialists: Planning and Preparation

1F: Developing a plan to evaluate the library media program.  

Please see Ms. Hopkins if you have any questions about the SHS Library Evaluation Plan

 SHS Library Database Passwords 

If you are logged into your nhsau57 account you'll be able to access the Google doc linked above.  Otherwise, please contact the library for assistance accessing the databases. 

Unlock by Gregor Cesnar used with permission of a Creative Common's license.