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Writing Units and Google Drive: Google Docs -Word Processing Practice

Practice Time!

Directions:  Practice improving this document.  

1.  Click the hyperlink above.

2.  Make a copy of the document.

   a. Click File > Make a Copy

   b. Change the document name, as the box says.  Documents should be titled "Your First Name_topic"

3.  Share the document.

  a. Follow this video to share correctly.

4.  Follow instructions in class to format your document in class.  You can also use the tutorials provided.  

5.  Use the checklist to make changes necessary for today.  


Word Processing Tutorials

Extra Time?! Add an Image!

Use the tutorial to insert an image today.  Here is your information for the image that you will use:


Caption Information:

       The Trail of Tears by Robert Ottaker Lindneux