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Summer PD Book Study: Introduction - Navigation & Practice

Writing Pathways

Welcome to this Summer Online Book Study.  To get started, let's share some ideas.

As you read, you will participate in an online discussion.  

The following dates are the END due date for each module.  To increase our ability to collaborate, try to keep on schedule!

  • Module 1 - DUE BY July 13
  • Module 2 - DUE BY August 3
  • Module 3 - DUE BY August 17

By the end of this online professional development, you will develop many new skills.


Voicethread Practice

Let's sign into your Voicethread account.  We will use this tool as a platform for summer time discussions.

beginning password: writingpathways

Next, sign up to be part of this Summer Online Bookstudy Group.  

Use this Voicethread to practice using this collaborative presentation tool.