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AS1: Did the Era of Good Feeling live up to it's nickname?: Home

Directions to Assessment


DUE DATE: May 15



Between 1816-1824,  the United States experienced many changes that would contribute to the role government plays during uprising or change that would shape the American identity.  In this performance based competency, students will be examining a variety of documents that will help  evaluate the time period.  Once all documents have been examined, students will answer the following question “ Does the Era of Good Feeling live up to it’s nickname?”.  Student’s will support their “opinion  by citing evidence from 2 out of the 5 document groups (A,B,C,D,E,F)  provided in class and the notes and other worksheets given in class (transportation worksheet, Missouri Compromise)

In this performance based competency, students will analyze documents, draw conclusions, make connections , develop a thesis, providing evidence to supporting their opinion and present their findings using Powtoon.  

Task  I: Collecting and Organizing Evidence that will be utilized to create a opinion .

  1. Read and analyze data based documents that have been provided.

  1. Use the graphic organizer that has been provided that accompanies each Document Group to draw conclusions.

Task  II. Make the connection:  Did the Era of Good Feelings live up to it’s nickname?

  1.  Create a opinion statement  based on the writing prompt “Did the Era of Good Feelings live up to it’s nickname?

    Cite evidence ( taking a sentence from the document)  from 2 out of 6 document groups that will support your opinion.  You must cite the documents that you used to support your opinion.    Example:  A-2

      B. Use your notes , transportation worksheet or Missouri Compromise worksheet to provid evidence to support your opinion.  

Task 3:  Demonstrate your knowledge by creating a Powtoon.

How to create Powtoon Account

You can use your account you created for the Washington Precedent Powtoon if you want. 

Submit your Powtoon

If you worked with a partner, be sure to include both names on the blog post .

Ex. Era Good Feeling by Latham & Shaw