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Learning Together: Team 3: Math

Miss Camuso's First Grade Class

Envisions Math

Exploring Our Math Manipulatives

I Can!

On Friday (9/11) we took our very first first grade Math test! They have been putting a lot of effort into Math these first few weeks. I am so proud, keep up the good work! I've started introducing our Math "I can" statements. These are statements we should feel comfortable doing by the end of a unit. 



Math Workshop

Math Game Rules

Making Numbers with Partners

Addition Top-It


Addition Top-It is a great game we have practiced in Math Workshop. You can play this at home as well. :) All you need is a deck of cards. If you are familiar with war, the rules are the same. Sit with a partner knee to knee, eye to eye. Distribute cards so each player has the same amount. When all of your cards are faced down, take two from the top. Add the two numbers together. Decide which sum is the greatest. The player with the greatest sum gets the cards. We have also played Subtraction Top-It this week. The rules are the same. We talked about how it is important to remember to subtract starting with the bigger number. The player with the greatest difference gets the cards.