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Learning Together: Team 3: Sight Words

Miss Camuso's First Grade Class

Kindergarten Word List

These are the kindergarten sight words... please be sure your child knows these!

It will support their reading skills if they can identify these in a "snap." 


1. the

2. to

3. me

4. go

5. do

6. for

7. he

8. she

9. has

10. with

11. was

12. not

13. a

14. my

15. that

16. and

17. I

18. is

19. said

20. we

21. are

22. you

23. have

24. of


Heidi Songs

If your child likes learning with songs this website could be a great resource for practicing sight words at home ( You can listen to all of her songs on iTunes, just hit the preview button. Movement and song are great tools for learning.

Sight Word Games

Board Games

                                         Scavenger Hunt

Roll A Sight Word