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Learning Together: Team 3: Theme

Miss Camuso's First Grade Class

Crayon Resist- The Seasons of an Apple Tree

Making the Trees...

Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed!


The Life Cycle of an Apple

Today (9/25) We acted out the life cycle of an apple. See if your child can remember it! We started out as seeds, small and still on the floor. Then the sun warmed us, and rain fell. Our roots slowly started to grow. Then we slowly grew into seedlings. Slowly we became full grown apple trees. When the spring time came our pink buds started to grow. Then our blossoms bloomed. In the fall, our blossoms became apples, ready to eat! Ask your child if they can explain why it is a never ending cycle?

Apple Tasting

On Friday we tasted 3 different kinds of apples... which was your child's favorite?

    Pink Lady?        Granny Smith?     Honey Crisp?