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Sociology: Digital Portfolio: Sociology: Digital Portfolio


Students are required to create a digital portfolio that will demonstrate that they have met and are proficient in the sociology competencies. Student's will have multiple opportunities to meet the competencies throughout the semester in the form of  technology based assessments.  

Creation of the Digital Portfolio:

1. Students will be creating a blog that will be used as a digital portfolio.

2. In the boxes below are tutorials that will guide students to create their blog.

3. If a student has a school blog from previous classes, they are REQUIRED to make a new one for sociolgy.

Information to be included on the landing page:

1. Who you are,,,, what can you tell me about you?

2. Why are you taking sociology?

How to create the blog tutorial

How to create pages in a blog

Sociology Competencies:

Type in the page tab what is in highlighted in yellow.

On the actual page cute and paste the description of competency. 



1.   Reading Sociology  Competency   ( page tab) 


      Students will demonstrate the ability to comprehend, analyze, and critique a variety of increasingly complex print and non-print primary and secondary sources related to sociology. ( cut and paste this on the page)


2.   Writing Sociology  Competency


  Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively write informative texts to examine and convey complex      ideas for a variety of purposes and audiences as they related  to sociology.


3.    Research Sociology Competency:

Students will engage in research/inquiry to investigate topics relating to  sociology and to analyze, integrate and present this information.


4.   Listening & Speaking Competency


Students will demonstrate the ability to listen and view critically for variety of purposes.


How to submit blog

Helpful Hints for Blogging


  • Focus on the idea, attitude or opinion you are trying to convey.
  • Think about who your reader is and engage them.  Be creative, be captivating.

Text Hints:

  • make it readable
  • font choice, size and color will enhance your blog and make it more readable


  • a rambling of hundreds of words is not good
  • a short post doesn't explain or cover your topic 

Rubric: refer to it 

How to Post: