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Connecting Collective Behavior to Ferguson

Research Component: Students have conducted research on the incident that occurred in Ferguson in the summer of 2014.  With the following guiding questions:

  • What was the social interaction?
  • What was the stimuli?
  • How does this apply to collective behavior and what type?
  • How is this consistent and predictable behavior?
  • Can this incident be related to another?

Now it is time to analyze your findings, demonstrate your knowledge and show competency proficiency.

Competency:  Students will understand and demonstrate the foundations of sociology.

Task: Apply the terms associated in the first virtual class to your research.

  • What terms are you using?
  • How are you applying them to your research?
  • How are you going to prove you understand the process of applying them?

Task ; Demonstration of Knowledge:

Creation of a padlet which will be displayed on your digital portfolio.  Students are required to include evidence that they obtained from their library research.

What needs to be included

  1. Detailed connections of collective behavior and what happened in Ferguson.
  2. Images
  3. Evidence: pdf, html, from the library database.

How to create a padlet


In the tutorial I used very little text,  I expect that will not be the case when students are creating their padlet. Detail, detail , detail.  Limited text equals limited points. 

How to upload articles into padlet

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