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What is the culture of Salem High School?

Summative Assessment :

Essential Question: What is the culture at Salem High School.

Value: 90 Points

Due Date:

Competencies Addressed:

C1:    Students will understand and demonstrate the foundations of sociology.

C3.    Students will understand and demonstrate the role that social structure plays within the  field of sociology.

Essential Question:  What is the culture of Salem High School?

Learning Targets:

  • Students will analyze and apply the five components of culture to Salem High School.

  • Students will demonstrate their knowledge  and proficiency by creating a wevideo.

  • Students will be independent learners and thinkers.

  • Students will utilize the principles of good digital citizenship.

The trial run of wevideo has happened and students have become familiar with how the site works. Now it is time to create a video that will demonstrate your knowledge of the Essential Question.

What needs to be included:

  • text

  • effects/animations

  • multiple audio tracks

  • video

  • images

Modeling videos that have been used in class..

  • what did you like about some of the videos you have seen

  • what effect tools do you think will help you enhance your video presentation

“Experiencing Technical Difficulties?

  • refer to your webquest

  • check out wevideo help videos

  • support tab

  • support page there is a contact us tab

Check the rubric:

  • have you met the requirements

How to create a student account using Wevideo.

Student Code :


How to publish and get embed code

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