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For your summative assessment student's will be using Mixbook to demonstrate their proficiency answering the guiding question of  “The more things change, the more they stay the same” .  The tutorials below are to help guide students through the website.  Please note that these tutorials were used for an assessment on the Great Gatsby last year and at times I will reference that in the video. Your assignment is on "The more things change, the more they stay the same".

Process this helpful hint right now:

Mixbook does not auto save and you need to remember to  SAVE  !!!!!

Mixbook 101

Before you even start :

  • first of all you need to be in Google Chrome
  • make sure you are in your nhsau57 account

This tutorial contains the following information:

  • how to sign up for mixbook
  • how to start a new project 
  • be sure to click on Photobook

When you are done working:

Click save, click save , did I mention click save?

Layout, Upload

In this tutorial you will learn the layout options that are available and how to upload images.

Remember, be sure to hit SAVE when you are done.  

Cover, Background and Accessorizing your Mixbook

How to Publish and Embed to the Blog

How to Publish and Share your Mixbook