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For the Love Summative Assessment

Value: 80 Points

Due Date


Competencies Address:

C1:     Students will understand and demonstrate th

e foundations of sociology.

C3:.    Students will understand and demonstrate the role that social structure plays within the field of sociology.


“For the Love” is a powerful story about two sisters and the unbreakable bond that they share.  In this memoir Gina and Sarina tell their story as the two break the norms of society.  Their statues and roles are established early, however as the story evolves roles are changed.


Student Responsibilities:

  • Students have analyzed and applied sociological terms throughout the assigned readings.

  • Students will demonstrate their knowledge by creating a Mixbook .

  • Students will integrate citations that are reflective of the entire book as evidence to support their knowledge and understanding of the competencies.

  • Students will properly embed their mixbook on the Page titled Competency Combo within their blog.


Performance Assessment: Mixbook

This technology piece is simple to use and provides students with the opportunity to show proficiency while being creative.  

Allotted Time:

There will be class time on Tuesday and Wednesday.


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