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Sociology: Demographics of SHS: Piktochart: Home

Due Date:

Check list :

  • structure:
    • compare and contrast
    • order: sequence/chronological 
  • Hook: catchy title, images
  • Balance: text, icon/images, background 
  • Design : theme, color choice, font ,layout


Sociology: Demographics of SHS: Piktochart

Sociologist use a variety of data when analyzing subjects such as education, crime or even culture.  In this assessment, students are to assume the role of sociologist/demographer.  Students will be utilizing quantitative data to examine and identify trends within the student population at Salem High School.  After examining date , students are required to demonstrate their knowledge of the demographics of Salem High, by creating a Piktochart. 

Don't forget to reference the rubric given to you in class. 


Piktochart 101: The Basics

The Extras of Piktochart

How to make a legend

How to Publish and Submit

Be sure to put the link on the write page of your blog .  Students are also required to blog about their planning process and experience with Piktochart.