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Sociology Summative Final

Value: 100 points

Final: 20% of Course Grade

Due Date:January 6th


Sociology Competencies:


1.    Students will understand and demonstrate the foundations of sociology.

2.    Students will understand and demonstrate the theories of sociology: conflict, symbolic  

      and functionalism.

3.    Students will understand and demonstrate the role that social structure plays within the

      the field of sociology.


Essential Question:  What advice/knowledge can an upperclassmen pass on to incoming freshmen to help them acclimate into Salem High School.


Remember when you first arrived as a freshmen at Salem High School on the first day of school?   As you entered into the school for the first time , you observed the upperclassmen ( statuses) and noticed how they interacted with each other (roles).  Recall how you wondered if you would ever fit in (socialization). Your high school experience is coming to an end but don’t be sad. Look back on the past few years and reflect upon your personal experiences, which include good and bad. Why was the good just that?  Was the bad really all that bad?  Do you wish that you had known a few things (norms , folkways) on your first day of your freshmen year that would have saved you time, energy, and frustration?  


In this summative final assessment students are required to complete multiple tasks before demonstrating their proficiency.  


Task 1:  Make a list and check it twice , what are seven pieces of advice that you would give to the incoming freshmen class of 2016.


Task 2: The summative assessment will be presented in the form of a comic strip. The following is a list of items that must be included:

  • a comic strip tells a story and so will this

  • characters

  • captions

  • conversation

  • props/ background

  • transitions

  • 7 pieces of advice

Pixton Tutorial

Pixton: Sign in , new characters, submit work