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Break-A-Leg Players: Crew


DIRECTOR:  Paula MacKinnon      603-893-7055 X3118

CO-DIRECTOR:  Jennifer Genova   

ARTS DIRECTOR:  Amy Deschene

HIGH SCHOOL INTERNS:  Meiyi Chong, Megan Batchelder, C.J. Trudel

The first tech meeting is Wednesday, Jan 20th, 2:15 to 3:15.

The following positions need to be filled:

  • Mask makers (will meet mostly on Wed and Thursdays)
  •  Stage Managers— Two People

Stage Left:  (follows script, keeps actors and crew quiet, makes sure actors are in place for their entrances. organizes props, helps paint and build set

Stage Right (same as above but on other side of stage)

  • Backstage crew (4): follows the direction of the stage managers, builds sets, moves set, pulls curtain, monitors fog machines
  • Lights: Three people, one in booth, 2 on spotlights.
  • Sound :  Runs CD player at rehearsals;  Runs music from the booth at the shows
  • Sound:  runs Microphones at the shows from the booth.
  • Costumes: 2 people needed to assist Ms. Chong with costuming
  • Make-Up: (4) needed for Friday night and Sat show only
  • House:  (4) Ticket sales, give out programs, run snack tables at intermissions.  Needed for Friday night and Sat show only
  • Publicity: (2)  Put up posters around school, take pictures for a picture board to be displayed at the Friday night and Sat show