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Election of 1828


Mudslinging:  attempt to ruin an appoints reputation with insults by attacking their personality and morals 

With the current election, Americans hear, see and read  multiple political  messages everyday. When these messages are broken down they fall into two categories; praising a candidates accomplishments or attacking a rival candidate.  Americans are used to dirty campaigns were candidates engage in mudslinging. However, don't be fooled this isn't something new in fact President Adams and Andrew Jackson held nothing back in the Election of 1828.


Task 1:

Students will be analyzing a variety of sources and are required to take down notes on how the Andrew Jackson was portrayed.  



Summative Assessment

Essential Question:  How “dirty” was the 1828 election?

Summative Assessment:


Due Date

President Adams won the election of 1824 and is currently seeking reelection. His opponent, Andrew Jackson  is someone he campaigned against in the 1824 election.  Adams realizes that Jackson is a worthy opponent and that his campaign focuses on being the president for the “common man”. President Adams wishes to create doubt about Jackson , but how does he go about doing this?


Image that you have been hired by President Adams to create an advertisement that displays Andrew Jackson in a negative manner.  How would you do this…. Why yes simple… create a commercial to be aired on national television.  

Insert groan…. This is an individual summative assessment.


Learning Targets:

  • I can analyze research that has been previously conducted.

  • I can apply research evidence to the essential question.
  • I can be an independent learner, thinker and problem solver 

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