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Summative Assessment Directions

Transcendentalism Summative

Value: 60 Points

Due Date: June 2


Essential Question:  How is _____(insert national park) beautiful, powerful and inspiring.


Transcendentalist in the 19th century viewed nature as beautiful, powerful and inspiring.  In the 21st century individuals still view nature in the same way.  The National Parks are celebrating their “100th birthday” and in this assessment students will analyze the essential question and apply to the National Park that has been assigned.


Insert Groan:  This is an individual assessment.


Step 1:   In order to analyze the essential question it is important research the topic in detail.

Step 2:   Students need to type in the following url  and find their park.

Step  3: Each national park has their own website as well - go to it , explore, what do you see?

Step 4: Take notes that will help you to answer the essential question. ( you will need them)

Step 2: Audioboom Account and How to

This tutorial guides students to :

1. Create an audioboom account using google chrome.

2.How to navigate audioboom .

3.How to create a voicethread.

4.Yuck- Hated It - How to delete a voice thread from audioboom.

5.How to publish audioboom.

6.How to insert image. 

Helpful Hint: 

I highly recommend that students create a script .

Step 1: Thinglink Account and Information

This tutorial guides students on the following:

  • How to create a thinglink account using their account
  • How to create a thinglink
  • How to place tags
  • How to insert text
  • How to insert images and video
  • How to share 

 If you already have an account from a previous class just log in and create. 

Step 3 : How to link audioboom to thinglink and submit.