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Comp : Final Summative Assessment: Home

Summative Assessment Directions

Comp Final

Value: 60 points

Due Date: June 8th


Essential Question: How did events, individuals and trends define ______( insert year)


In this summative assessment students are responsible for researching, analyzing and drawing conclusions that define the essential question.


Student Responsibilities:


  • The journey begins with breaking down the essential question.

  • Reference the link on the blog that provides a guide to breaking down the essential question. (FYI it is not the question I gave you)

  • Research pays a pivotal role in answering the essential question.

  • Primary and Secondary sources are highly recommended.

  • Check out the SHS library database- scroll to history and historical newspapers.

Step 1: Thinglink Account and Information

This tutorial guides students on the following:

  • How to create a thinglink account using their account
  • How to create a thinglink
  • How to place tags
  • How to insert text
  • How to insert images and video
  • How to share 

 If you already have an account from a previous class just log in and create. 

Step 2: Audioboom Account and How to

This tutorial guides students to :

1. Create an audioboom account using google chrome.

2.How to navigate audioboom .

3.How to create a voicethread.

4.Yuck- Hated It - How to delete a voice thread from audioboom.

5.How to publish audioboom.

6.How to insert image. 

Helpful Hint: 

I highly recommend that students create a script .

Step 3: Using your phone to record in AudioBoom

Step 4 : How to link audioboom to thinglink and submit.