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Kerin MacCarthy's Classroom: Curriculum

Partnering with Parents to Enrich the Student Learning Experience


Students will be learning 6 signposts that they should be looking for in their books! The answers to these questions that they ask themselves will help them figure out plot, conflict, and theme.

Contrasts and Contradictions – When the character does something different from what you would expect, ask yourself why the character is doing that.

Words of the Wiser – When an older or wiser character gives the main character advice, ask yourself what the lesson might be or how it will affect the character’s life.

Aha! Moment – When a character suddenly figures something out or understands something, ask yourself how that moment might change things.

Again and Again – When something is repeated in a book, ask yourself why the author thought it was important enough to repeat.

Memory Moment – When the action is interrupted and the author tells you about a memory, ask yourself why the memory might be important.

Tough Questions – When the character asks themselves a tough question, think about what the tough questions makes you wonder.

Students are working on their narratives and following the grade 5 narrative checklist!

We are working on whole number place value to the billions, and decimal place value.

Students have a 5 week robotics unit with Mrs. C every Tuesday and Friday!