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Ashley Rigby's Classroom: Scientist of the Week

Partnering with Parents to Enrich the Student Learning Experience


Scientist of the Week

Dear Scientist,

Congratulations!  It is your turn to perform a science experiment for the class.  Please have a family member help you select a simple science activity that you can perform by yourself.   You might want to search the Internet, visit the library, or read one of the science books in the bag to find the perfect experiment.  Practice the experiment at home so that you will know exactly what to do when you bring the bag back to school.  Your parents may help you practice at home, but you will have to demonstrate the experiment without their help for our class. You need to return the bag and be ready to do your experiment on Friday.

Good luck, scientist!  

*Don’t forget to bring all the materials you need for the experiment in the bag.  Have your parents help you fill out the “Lab Report” in the Famous Scientists Journal. 

*You may wear the special glasses and lab coat when you present your science activity to the class.  
Have Fun! 

Happy Experimenting!

 - Mrs. Rigby

P.S. Check out the journal to make sure you are not repeating another scientist’s great discovery!